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måndag 8 maj 2017

Making Mokume Gane Weddingrings...

We got married on the 4th of May (May the fourth) and went to Netherlands to make our own unique wedding bands together with a goldsmith located in Hertogenbosch (den bosch). We had found her off the internet through her website, http://www.metalartcreations.nl/

Part of the fun and excitement of making your own wedding or engagement rings is customization, so you can select materials and styles that are perfect for you.  Different styles require different amounts of time and effort to create. Mokume is an ancient Japanese technique of fusing distinct layers of precious metals, then forming them to create beautiful patterns. Mokume gane wedding rings must be created by hand, so each pair is unique!

Mokume Gane is a traditional way of working metals that originated in Japan and was used to adorn the hilts of swords in 17th century Japan,

We arrived to Birgit Doesborgs werkwarenhuis, at 10.00 on Friday morning the 5th of May.

After a short introduction and coffee we were ready to get to work, and Birgit Doesborg showed us how to proceed with each part of the procedure to making the rings. And then we got to try and replicate the procedures together with Birgit.

After working the Mokume, it has to be reheated to get back the gold and silvers inherent properties of being soft. After working the metal it hardens, which is actually the opposite reaction to working with iron. Iron for example is hammered hot, and hardens in cold water, as to gold and silver which is hammered cold, but soften in the heat and cold water rinse.

Here I am trying my hand on the mokume metal strip.

Later in the procedure we cut the metal to the correct length after careful measure, and could start forming the rings.

Here is a simple form of a mokume gane ring. We of course had more plans as we wanted to mount this ring on top of our 18K golden engagement rings!

Here I am admiring the pattern of the ring.

Our engagement rings were carefully placed inside and fitted together with the Mokume!

We really wanted our engagement rings to transform into our wedding rings, and not have separate rings for both occasion. We also thought that it was a beautiful transformation, just as marriage transform a relationship. That´s why we chose to use our engagement rings as a liner/lining inside of the new ring!

On the picture you can see how we have done some work on them to file the metal down to a more flat surface before placing the Mokume on top of the them.

There were a lot of work that went into fitting them nicely, and it is to much to show here in this blog. But this is a picture of our finished results. 

What we love about Mokume, is the fact that the same metal goes into both rings, so they have similar patterns. They are literally made from the same piece! Birgit Doesborg is an excellent goldsmith and we recommend this experience for couples who are interested in different kinds of handcraft. 

Making our own rings together is a memory that will last a lifetime!

fredag 6 januari 2017

Förlovade: Olof Geelnard och Helene Öhman

Paret vill härmed tillkännage sin förlovning och avsikt att ingå äktenskap med varandra. Olof Geelnard och Helene Öhman förlovade sig den 31/12 2016, Luleå.

And then it is always time for this timeless classic...

söndag 9 augusti 2015

Tack för de senaste 16 åren, Jon Stewart...

Jon Stewart slutade denna veckan som värd för programmet, The Daily Show. Genom åren har Stewart följt politik och nyheter med sina egna vinklar och varit en röst som trots att det i grunden är ett humorprogram, haft mer insikter och lärt oss mer än vad vi lärt oss ifrån traditionella nyheter.

Här är några minnesvärda ögonblick:

The 9/11 Show: I den första showen sedan tragedin efter den 11:e September, 2001, Delar Jon sina tankar och känslor kring denna livs-förändrande händelse.  http://thedailyshow.cc.com/videos/1q93jy/september-11--2001

Jon Stewart på showen "Crossfire": På grund av hans svidande kritik, ledde det till att programmet CNN's Crossfire lades ned. En del av kritiken handlade om hur de som har möjlighet att ha politiker på sin show inte ställer de svåra frågorna. Varefter de två värdarna för Crossfire undrade varför Jon inte gör detsamma på sin show. Jon svarade med att om de som ett seriöst politiskt program som säger att de ställer politikerna mot väggen, tar sitt arbetssätt från ett lättsamt humorprogram så är det kanske det som är problemet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFQFB5YpDZE

Bill O'Reilly: Bill O'Reilly, menar i diskussionen med Jon Stewart, på att ras inte har någon betydelse för framgång i America. Men måste ge sig för Jon Stewarts resonemang, och att det faktiskt finns något som är "white privilege" som gör att de som föds vita har mindre att kämpa emot än en svart som föds samtidigt i samma område. http://thedailyshow.cc.com/videos/4u4hqr/bill-o-reilly

Jon Stewart intervjuade en hel del fantastiska människor, men när han intervjuade Malala Yousefsai fastnade verkligen i mitt minne som en av de bästa. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjGL6YY6oMs

Jon Stewart's vän och tidigare kollega Stephen Colbert kom även till sista avslutsprogrammet för att å allas vägnar tacka Jon Stewart för att inte bara hjälpte han dem med ett arbete och deras karriär på showen som han byggde upp, men även genom att vara ett hårt arbetande fördöme så gjorde han även dem till bättre människor. http://imgur.com/user/IReadThisSomewhere/favorites/iVhiN

And here it is your moment of Zen:  ... Tack Jon Stewart, för de här åren! :)

fredag 7 augusti 2015

My best friends wedding...

So my best friend Mia (the girl with pink hair in those photos), got married, in London, this summer. And because it was my dearest, first friend from my childhood. I just had to be there! Splendid occasion to be in the capital of England. I had to give a speech at the wedding reception. And here it is:

"For those of you who does not know me, I am Helen, 35 years old, just like Mia, and I am Mias friend. We grew up together, in the same neighbourhood. We were born the same exact day, 25th of april, and thus, our parents were at the hospital together. Me and Mia also went to kindergarten together and we were friends ever since.

Mia obviously came from a very musical family, and I could hear her play the violin, practicing every day when we grew up. It sounded REALLY bad, at first. Like strangling a cat. *screeetch* ...

Mia was the kind of girl I wanted to be, she was always funny and creative, and could draw so well  ...that one day she grew up to become a designer.

This girl was fearless, never afraid to take her own path in life. Back in '96, sweet sixteen! Her hair was one half black and one half white, with zebra striped black and white pants, shoes one black and one white, and even the shoelaces where one black and the other white.


She was so fearless, she was not afraid to go for her dreams, to become a designer and moving here to London, all by herself to attend the Wimbledon school of arts. She lived in all kinds of places, rented a house with her friends from school. Or in that industrial space/factory which they built into some kind of home. Mia and some of her friends. But still that didn't scare Mia, she went her own path, doing her own thing.


I got introduced to Jacqui a couple of years ago, but from the very first moment I noticed how similar they both are, in spirit, in their energy, and in their heart. They have the same "vibe" and I truly feel that this is the perfect match.

In gardening they have a term for "microclimate" where just that one spot in the garden may have the perfect climate and a flower can bloom there even though it might not like the climate in general. Under the right circumstances that special flower can flourish. I have a feeling that even though you two, came from two different parts of the world might have been so different from eachother. But instead you had that same sort of "micro-culture"  that nurtered the both of you. That your families taught you the same things, that you both would flower into the same gentle spirits, with humor, good heart, and kindness.

I was so happy to see my best friend Mia, finding this, true love and happiness, she was always the one to take her own path, and make her own destiny. And here, in London, she found that special someone, to walk the path of life with.

From that moment I felt that Mia was no longer alone, you two, always completed one another and I felt you shared so much happiness with each other. I see that you do not hold each other back, but allow each other to grow, to live your dreams, which you both share.

and I feel you have a bright fantastic future together. Because you always makes the most, out of everything. I wanted to say something about love, and found this inspiring, its from the Corinthian letter:

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres." (1 Cor. 13:4–7, NIV)

I felt as you truly have that kind of love for each other. Also, usually you are supposed to give advice to the happy couple, and thus, I also wanted to read to you this poem..

Live every day with your love as a guide; 
always give more than your groom or your bride;
Find in each other the funniest things, 
and share with each other when your heart sings.
And no truer words have ever been penned, 
than the crux of your love is just being best friends.
From this day on you are never alone; 
wherever you are, it is your spouse that’s your home.
And when time has passed and the two of you age, 
and your lives are about to turn the last page,
You’ll see not the wrinkles, nor the old, nor the grey 
– instead you’ll see yourselves as you are on this day.

Thank you, SO MUCH for letting us share this special moment for the both of you, that markes the change that came so subtle from the beginning, until you had woven your life together.
With eachother, Otto-li and Darwin.

so, A toast for the happy couple. May you have A lifetime of love and joy, surrounded by family and friends who love you, for all of your wishes to come true and a life of ease and abundance.

Lots of Love, and memories to last, a lifetime! <3

torsdag 6 augusti 2015

Tips: SVT Dokumentär om Sveriges sista svältår, år 1867...

Det är lätt att glömma att Sverige inte alltid har haft det lika rikt och bra som vi har det nu. Sverige har också en gång varit ett fattigt land som behövt hjälp ifrån omvärlden...

Detta är en dokumentärfilm. Filmen handlar om det sista svältåret i Sverige, nödåret 1867 i Ångermanland. Det är en berättelse om människor som for illa, men också om ansträngningar från omvärlden för att hjälpa u-landet Sverige ur krisen. SVT:s dokumentärfilmare Olle Häger gick bort i november 2014. Vi minns honom genom att visa några av hans uppskattade filmer under sommaren. Denna film gjorde Olle Häger tillsammans med Hans Villius. 


Källa: http://www.svtplay.se/video/3147900/ett-satans-ar/ett-satans-ar-avsnitt-1

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